Creating the Style of the Pirate Bride

Before Anna and I had written a rough version of the story, I had only an outline that Anna had created on our hike in 2007. From this outline, Jerry’s imagination burst out with ideas.

How Should They Look?: The Characters

After Anna and I had worked out a first draft of the story, I emailed it to Jerry and he read through it with his wife, Jessica, and he began to focus on the main characters. We still hadn’t picked any one style for the book’s illustrations, so Jerry went wild and presented many different possibilities.

Bringing the Story to Life

Story Elements of The Pirate Bride

A good story creates it’s own pictures in the mind’s of its readers. Anna and I knew that we must first write a good story, but we always intended to pepper the text with illustrations. Jerry spent dozens of hours making sure that his contribution to the book would help to move the story forward, and he did! His illustrations are a big part of our book, and it wouldn’t be the same without him. In this gallery, you can see some of his first sketches, plus some elements from Anna’s original story that we were required to change. Pay attention to the first versions of the finalized pictures—how are they similar or different to the illustrations that made it into the book?


Who is
The Pirate Bride?

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