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The second installment of original fiction from today’s up and coming elementary school writers.

Here is another offering that came from a young man in my Creative Writing for the Elementary Student course I taught at the Metro Library in Edmond during the months of June and July 2013. These students wrote their own piece of original fiction, typed it up, and sent it to me. I proudly share it now with you. Enjoy!

Adventures with Anie and Bruce

By David C.

It takes about two hours to drive to my 4th of July adventure.  It all takes place in a little house in the forests of the Cookson Hills near beautiful Lake Tenkiller.  We arrived late Wednesday night to begin the fun.  Even where I sleep is fun in the RV beside my Aunt and Uncle’s house.  It’s just like camping!

The morning of the 4th we took across the lake in a pontoon boat, Uncle Bruce, Aunt Anie, mom, dad and me.  When we got out far enough, they pulled a raft called ‘The Dragon’.  At first, my dad rode with me, then my uncle, then I rode it all by myself.  I think I went 65 mph, jumping over waves, bumping up and down, water hitting my face, and ‘catching air’.  That night, we watched the spectacular fireworks from the boat.  They reflected on the lake.  There must have been over 100 boats out there.

It was so beautiful after the fireworks show, listening to music on the radio.  When we decided to go in, Uncle Bruce couldn’t start the boat!  He was smart, though.  He had an extra battery on board and after switching out batteries, we were on our way back.

Lots of new things happened during this adventure.  I invented a new dessert called ‘Sweet Sushi’ (the secret ingredients area fruit roll-ups and pop rocks).  Also, I bowled with my aunt and uncle and then we went behind the bowling pins to see how they worked.

I didn’t just ride the pontoon boat, but I also drove it all across the lake.  Also, I used to be afraid of bugs, but my aunt showed me how to overcome my fear of them.  She helped me begin my first bug collection.  They sure have lots of bugs there to start such a collection!

We even went to Talequah, just my mom, dad and me.  We had some neat fun, but the whole time I missed my aunt and uncle.  I can’t wait for them to come and see me now, and I’ll plan their OKC adventure!

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