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A piece of original fiction by an elementary student in OK.

Here is another contribution from a student that participated in my Creative Writing for the Elementary Student seminar I taught in June/July 2013. It appears without editorial changes or corrections. Enjoy!

The Moon Man

by Lucy H.

Once, there was a man who lived on the moon. The man was bald, had a long gray beard, and he was really short.  He wore were a blue shirt, a brown jacket, and yellow pants.  You think that the Earth rotates?  Don’t believe it.  The Moon Man presses a button on the Moon that makes it go up and down.  Crazy, huh?

After a while, the Moon Man was tired of getting up every evening and pushing the button.  So, one day, the Moon Man made a robot that pressed the button for him.  Then, he decided to move to a different planet.  First, the Moon Man looked at Jupiter.  Too big!  And it had a big ever-lasting storm on it.  Next, he looked at Saturn.  Too dusty!  Then, he looked at Neptune.  Too cloudy!  After, he looked at the sun.  When he was getting close to it, he was already burning up!  Next, he looked at Pluto.  Brrrr!  Too far away from the sun!  Lastly, he looked at Earth.  It was perfect!  The Moon Man had to choose which country, state, and city to live in.  The Moon Man decided to live in Edmond, Oklahoma in the United States.  He was happy and comfy in his new home.  The Moon Man bought a swing set, and he was planning on getting a pool and a hot tub.

One day, the Moon Man decided that he wanted a pet. So, the Moon Man went to a pet store called Lucy’s Pets. The Moon Man went inside and looked around. There were lots and lots of animals! There were dogs, cats, birds, lizards, hermit crabs, sea monkeys, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes, fish, and turtles. And the Moon Man decided to have… one of each! That’s a lot of pets to take care of! Wow! How was the Moon Man going to pay for all that?  Well the Moon Man had just the thing. “Ma’am, may I pay you with a moon rock?” “Wow! Yes you may! How interesting and amazing! Thank you!” said the clerk. The Moon Man took his pets and their habitats home. He fed them all and sat on the couch and watched his favorite channel, Animal Planet.

The next day, he wanted to get a set of arts and crafts. So, he went to a store called Alice’s Art Supplies. The Moon Man went inside. There were tons and tons of art supplies! The Moon Man wanted markers, crayons, paints, and colored pencils. When he found those things, he went to the clerk and said, “Ma’am, may I pay you with a comet?” The clerk looked surprised and said, “Yes you may! Amazing! How did you get it?” “Well, let’s just say that I have had it for a long time,” answered the Moon Man. “Thank you for shopping!” shouted the clerk as he left the door. “Ahhhhhhhh!” exclaimed the Moon Man as he sat down in his old chair and drew pictures of his pets.

The next day, he wanted some video games to play. So the Moon Man went to George’s Video Games. He went inside. The little store was filled with hundreds and hundreds of video games! The Moon Man looked around at the video games and chose Wreck it Ralph, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Mario. The Moon Man went to the clerk with the games and said,” Ma’am, may I pay you with one of Neptune’s clouds?”  The clerk looked astounded and said, “Wow! How fascinating! Of course you may! Thank you!” So the Moon Man went home and played his video games. He went to sleep that night very happy.  And the robot pushed the button.

The End

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