The Pirate Bride Sequel is almost here!

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Put your reading glasses on and get ready for The Lost Crew.

Rachel Park’s adventures are not over. At the end of The Pirate Bride, Rachel was relieved with the outcome but confused by the meaning of the Pirate Bride statue. The Lost Crew picks up right where she left off…on the dock with her family, trying to make sense of her recent trip through time. Follow Rachel and her 10-year-old brother Steven as they race the clock across the island and try to solve the mystery of Rachel’s Lost Crew.

Coming soon to bookstores and in October 2012!

Sequel to The Lost Crew

Available Oct. 2012 Worldwide!


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Who is
The Pirate Bride?

Find out and buy your copy today! Now available in hardback or paperback through Amazon!

Once you get your copy, stay tuned for exclusive reader access to sections of the site from clues only contained within the book.

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