Sneak Peek at “The Lost Crew” Art

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The sequel to The Pirate Bride is almost here, and we have an exclusive look at Jerry Bennett’s great art.

Your wait is almost over! After two years, the exciting conclusion to The Pirate Bride is on its way to bookshelves everywhere. The story picks up the exact moment that The Pirate Bride ends…right on the pier in front of the Pirate Bride statue during Rachel’s family vacation. Rachel is confused by the statue’s implications, but most of all she is worried about her Lost Crew. Where did Reginald and Armand go? Are they safe? All her concerns send her off on a new adventure as she tries to discover the fate of her Lost Crew.

In the mean time, here is a sneak peak at one of Jerry’s new illustrations for the book!

Rachel and her father discuss the meaning of this mysterious statue.

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