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Exclusive Web Story

Before The Pirate Bride

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Rachel sat in the lobby of the Los Bahamas Paradise Resort & Hotel, updating her status on her favorite web page. Her mother stood at the check-in desk and was asking a hotel employee about local shopping, specifically about bathing suits.

Rachel’s phone beeped, telling her that her message had been sent.

Soon-to-be-Surfer Girl (Rachel), age 13

Soon-to-be-Surfer Girl (Rachel) Wants You To Know - Just finished checking into the hotel. The C & C Monster attacked my swimsuit. Don’t ask. Gots to buy a new one! – Updated 30 seconds ago

Soon-to-be-Surfer Girl (Rachel) Wants You To Know - Flight was long and bumpy. Anyone want to guess how many barf bags a 7 year-old can fill up in one flight? – Updated 5 minutes ago


LadyMaddy – Really? Reggie puked? LOL! You remember my guess, it was two.
She folded her phone in half and placed it into her purse as her mother returned from the help desk.


Twitter Updates!

Interested in following The Crew of The Pirate Bride in their true-life adventures? Check Ryan out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Crying_Ryan and check out Jerry on Twitter at https://twitter.com/comicbookjer

Amazing Illustrators!

As an independent author, I am always on the lookout for new talent with which to collaborate on future projects. This past weekend at Tokyo In Tulsa (an anime convention in Oklahoma), I encountered several talented artists with a unique perspective and technique. Check them out at my blog:  The-Creative-Spark

Great New Writer Scott S.

A “Creepy” Story!